Green Ostrich Fern


Posted by deer resistant gardener | Posted in flowers, Matteuccia | Posted on 01-03-2010


Green ostrich fern matteuccia struthiopteris. Resembling the feathery appearance of an ostrich’s plumes, the foliage of this fern are bound to make a spectacular show in your shade garden. Growing 2-3′ in height in cultivation, this fern has been known to reach almost 6′ tall in moist and shaded natural areas. The inner, spike-like fronds are dark brown and are much shorter, only reaching 18-24” in height. Adds wonderful texture!

  • Sunlight: Full Sun Partial Shade Full Shade Partial Shade Full Shade
  • Considered Deer Resistant: Yes
  • Flower/Plant Spreads over time: Yes
  • Beautiful Fragrance: Yes
  • Good for Containers: Yes
  • Can be grown indoors: Yes

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