Climbing Flower – Sunrise Serenade Morning Glory


Posted by deer resistant gardener | Posted in Clematis, flowers | Posted on 02-03-2010

Growing Climbing Flower

Climbing Flower . Attention! That’s what this unique morning glory gets in abundance! An old heirloom variety not available for a long time, Sunrise Serenade is back, and you’ll want it for your garden. The double, ruffled, 1-3” ruby-red flowers with white centers stay open longer than other mroning glory varieties. The heart-shaped leaves are an added attraction for this plant that’s at home in containers or on a trellis. Also good for flower arranging. Grows …

  • Sunlight: Full Sun Full Shade
  • Considered Deer Resistant: Yes
  • Flower/Plant Spreads over time: Yes
  • Beautiful Fragrance: Yes
  • Good for Containers: Yes
  • Can be grown indoors: Yes

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