Yellow Lily Bulbs – Grand Cru Asiatic Lily


Posted by deer resistant gardener | Posted in flowers, Lilium | Posted on 04-03-2010

Growing Lily Bulbs

Yellow Lily Bulbs grand cru lilium. These two-toned lilies are definitely going to stop on-lookers in their tracks. The bright yellow petals of the Grand Cru Asiatic Lilies boast of dark maroon-brown spots at the base of the petals, giving the lily a truly unique look. Its sturdy stems make it great for fresh cut floral arrangements as well as background accents in a perennial garden. Speaking of perennials, like the other lilies, the Grand Cru will return year after year in most …

  • Sunlight: Full Sun Full Shade
  • Considered Deer Resistant: Yes
  • Flower/Plant Spreads over time: Yes
  • Beautiful Fragrance: Yes
  • Good for Containers: Yes
  • Can be grown indoors: Yes

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