Deter deer with pets


Posted by deer resistant gardener | Posted in Deer Deterrents | Posted on 11-11-2009

One could get very imaginative on the subject of animaldeterrents, but why not just get a big dog? We’re not suggesting a “pit bull” or anattack dog. Just a big, frisky fellow with a loud bark. The idea is to scare the deer, not hurt them.The animal shelters are full of good candidates, who in return for your love and care will bark their heads off in defense of your vegetation.

Be advised that the dog should be in a fenced in back yard, or leashed on a line run. Many cities and towns have leash laws which require this, but it’s a good idea anyway. Domestic dogs that roam free have been known to revert to their primal instincts and to attack and kill lame deer and fawns. As for guarding your garden, it’s a case where the bark is better than the bite – even a dog barking from the back porch will do the trick.

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