Green Maidenhair Fern


Posted by deer resistant gardener | Posted in Adiantum, Fern, flowers | Posted on 28-02-2010


Green maidenhair fern adiantum pedatum. Pretty and delicate describes the Maidenhair Fern perfectly. The wiry, purple brown leaf stalks add extra interest to the already beautiful plant. Slower spreading then most ferns, this one will not take over your garden as it is non-invasive. The foliage of this fern remains attractive from spring to fall and does best in full to partial shade.

  • Sunlight: Partial Shade Full Shade
  • Considered Deer Resistant: Yes
  • Flower/Plant Spreads over time: Yes
  • Beautiful Fragrance: Yes
  • Good for Containers: Yes
  • Can be grown indoors: Yes

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