Pink Marshall’s Delight Bee Balm


Posted by deer resistant gardener | Posted in flowers, Monarda | Posted on 28-02-2010


Pink monarda didyma. Truly delightful! The Marshall’s Delight Bee Balm is a clump-forming perennail, known for attracting bumble bees as well as hummingbirds and butterflies. Its had pink flowers appear among the dark green aromatic foliage and stand approximately 36” high. The blooms appear in mid-summer, from July until August. This bloomtime can be lengthened with frequent deadheading, but is not necessary.

  • Sunlight: Full Sun Full Shade
  • Considered Deer Resistant: Yes
  • Flower/Plant Spreads over time: Yes
  • Beautiful Fragrance: Yes
  • Good for Containers: Yes
  • Can be grown indoors: Yes

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